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July 22 – July 27, 2018
John Burroughs School
St. Louis, MO

The Equity Exchange provides an annual forum for experienced educators to raise the level of discussion and action around systemic change for equity and justice in all schools. Led by facilitators drawn from across the country,
we convene a small think tank in which everyone teaches and everyone learns.

The People…

The Equity Exchange is all about the people. It provides the opportunity to collaborate with a cohort of experienced public and private school educators, guided by facilitators who lead presentations and trainings nationally and internationally.

The Process…

The Equity Exchange is all about process. It’s about more than mastering specific curriculum or content – it's about immersing yourself in a dynamic experience driven by participant priorities as well as current trends and practices. This year’s focus will be on Identifying Problems, Polarities and Possibilities in Education. We will explore and practice different protocols and facilitation skills with topics generated by your cohort. We will meet in plenary sessions for important meta-discussions, and in smaller groups for daily coaching and processing. We will visit public and private school spaces to consider the many elements that contribute to effective teaching and learning. And we will lay the foundation for an ongoing partnership via quarterly video chats with your cohort and facilitators following your Equity Exchange experience.

Your Plan…

The Equity Exchange is all about developing a plan for yourself and for your school – a plan that can evolve and respond to challenges and opportunities as they present themselves throughout your work. You will receive input and counsel on how to implement a plan that addresses a current idea, initiative, or dilemma that you introduce to The Equity Exchange – and you will brainstorm with others in your cohort about their ideas and initiatives. You will also receive direction on how to incorporate vital “self-care” into your daily routine.

What distinguishes The Equity Exchange from other Institutes is that it is a collaborative learning space shared by public and private school leaders. We learn AND practice strategies for self-care, we turn formative ideas into honed ones through brilliant thought partners from the cohort, and we incorporate a train-the-trainer element in which you get personal coaching from me and other facilitators to lead various activities and modes of discussion. The Equity Exchange is a wonderful “next step” for educators who want to move beyond the "what" and into the "how" of leading equity work in their schools.
Rosetta Lee
Faculty and Professional Outreach Specialist
Seattle Girls' School                                                                                                                                           
The Equity Exchange has been a real source of pride among the St. Louis Public School District’s various community partnerships. Uniquely, our focus has been on doing the work of professional capacity-building of school and District leaders to examine institutional, personal and professional cultures, mindsets, and practices through the lens of social equity. How do we harness the nascent assets of our resilient students to increase the rigor, relevance and magnetism of our academic and extracurricular programming? What levers in terms of institutional policies and practices must be elevated or eliminated to enhance student belonging and ownership of our school communities? And, importantly, as practitioners – both individually and collectively – in what ways must we grow in our understanding and behavior to better share power and embolden all students to lead and succeed both at school and at home, and in childhood and in adulthood? These are some of the key questions staff from Saint Louis Public Schools has been honored to partner with John Burroughs School and NAIS to problem-raise and solve around. Better still, these are some of the key questions that have shaped the sort of rich dialogue that continues to propel improvements in how we have operationalized our support for educators and students across our schools over the past three years…and counting.
Kelvin Adams, PhD
Saint Louis Public Schools               

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Registration w/ Hotel: $1,775

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