The Equity Exchange - 2.0

The Equity Exchange - 2.0

Through the vision and generosity of The Edward E. Ford Foundation, we have been awarded a leadership grant that will ensure that The Equity Exchange is affordable, accessible and adaptive. The grant will allow us to increase our outreach and bring the work of The Exchange to more schools and practitioners.

To Date ...

For each of the past three summers, The Exchange has offered a week-long institute to provide advanced training for diversity practitioners, experienced teachers and administrators. To date, The Exchange has welcomed more than 100 participants from 12 states representing 37 independent, private, public and charter schools, school districts and organizations.

Registration is open for the 2018 Equity Exchange, July 22-27.

With the EE Ford leadership grant, we will be able to do much more ...

The grant will allow us to become an ongoing resource for the development of innovative and affordable content, consultation and coaching. Specifically,

  • It will continue support of the summer institute’s modest registration fee and provide scholarships for those in need. It will also support ongoing curricular development for the institute.
  • It will support development of a web portal with a robust menu of videos, best practices and research. The portal will serve those who have attended the summer program, those who are in the early stages of diversity work, and those who cannot afford or attract consultants to their schools. The portal will provide a quick source for content on specific concepts as well as one-on-one consultation/coaching sessions with The Exchange facilitators and other qualified practitioners.
  • Beyond the summer institute, the grant will support additional programming for St. Louis area educators and practitioners – which will, in turn, be added to the warehouse of web resources.

Our primary goal is to ensure, through a variety of platforms, that The Exchange strengthens the ability of those committed to providing equitable education for all children, every day.