The Equity Exchange was conceived through numerous conversations with educators around the nation who expressed the need to advance our work beyond "Diversity 101."

The Equity Exchange provided a tremendous opportunity to not only reflect on and discuss issues facing equity in education today, but engage with other thought partners to create plans of action going back into schools and districts. I found the Equity Exchange to be intellectually challenging, but also thought provoking as a professional in ways that will impact my professional practice for years to come.

-Tyler Archer,
Academic Instructional Coach,
Saint Louis Public Schools

Colleagues in both the public and private school worlds would talk fondly about all of the conferences, workshops and institutes for individuals and schools, all of which began important diversity, inclusivity, equity and social justice work. However, educators in this work 5, 10, 15+ years have had limited access to the next levels of discussion and strategy. A clarion call has arisen for an opportunity to deepen and sharpen our skills in a think tank atmosphere.

In July 2014, we assembled a design team of independent, private and public school educators and professionals for a retreat in St. Louis. After two days of intensive workshopping, we settled in on many of the core principles that would guide our concept. Whether in person or by skype, we are forever grateful for the contributions each made toward the launching of The Equity Exchange in July 2015.

This is the only public / private partnership I've seen around diversity. The Equity Exchange was an amazing opportunity to wed two sectors of schools around an issue that is of extreme importance.  I look forward to seeing the outcomes of this partnership in coming months and years!

-Brian L. Johnson,
Director of Admission 1st Grade - 7th Grade,
Diversity Coordinator,
The Philadelphia School

The mission of The Exchange turns on four basic tenets:

We need a place to convene for intensive research review, case discussions, consultations and collaborations with practitioners, business and educational leaders, all leveraging the "wisdom in the room."

We believe an exchange of best practices across public and private domains will provide the richest resources for systemic (school and societal) impact.

We are committed to explore research, advance principles, construct practices and extend relationships as our guiding principles.

We recognize this work, by its very nature, is a dynamic endeavor and that the only constant in social, cultural and global progress is change – in practical terms, The Exchange will need to seek and deliver new research and topics every year, never relying on a static curriculum.

And so we continue our pursuit of the next level of excellence as we welcome our third class of The Equity Exchange.

2017 TEE Planning Team

Our Original Design Team

  • Caroline Blackwell- NAIS Vice President, Equity & Justice; 2015-17 planning team & facilitation leader
  • Charlotte Blessing - Director of Global Education, Lakeside School
  • Lewis Bryant - Director of Multicultural Services, Buckingham, Brown & Nichols
  • Dion Crushshon - Director of International & Off-Campus Programs, The Blake School; 2015 presenter
  • Haliday Douglas - Director of Talent Strategy & Management, Saint Louis Public Schools; 2015-17 planning team
  • David Harris - Private Practice/LCSW
  • Christopher Hinshaw - Director of Sustainability, John Burroughs School
  • Ulric Johnson - Founder & Director, Teens Advocating a Global Vision
  • Rosetta Lee - Profesional Outreach, Seattle Girls' School; 2015-17 planning team & facilitator
  • Christel McGuigan - Director of Equity and Instruction, Lakeside School
  • Marie Michael - Chair for Equity and Instruction, The Blake School
  • Eddie Moore, Jr. - Executive Director, The Privilege Institute
  • Matt Nink - Executive Director, Global Youth Leadership Institute
  • Brittany Packnett - Executive Director, Teach for America - St. Louis; 2015-16 presenter
  • Charles Pearson - Superintendent, Normandy Schools; CEO/Lead Trainer, Innovative Education Solutions, LLC
  • Mark Smith - History Department Chair, John Burroughs School
  • Rita Starr - Founder & Program Designer, Healing Our Nation
  • Steven Tejada - Dean of Diversity Initiatives, Noble and Greenough School
  • Chris Thinnes - Executive Director, Center for the Future of Education & Democracy; 2015-17 facilitator
  • Carla Young - Director of Community and Multicultural Programs, Cranbrook Schools

Our Local Planning Team

  • Ellen Bremner - John Burroughs School
  • Haliday Douglas - Saint Louis Public Schools
  • Daniel Harris - John Burroughs School
  • Tammy Taylor - John Burroughs School
  • The John Burroughs School Board of Trustees Diversity Committee